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About us

Al Hayat Scientific Office is one of Iraq’s oldest pharmaceutical agents and a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

Al Hayat has been an established presence in the Iraqi health sector since 1996, ensuring reliable access to high-quality pharmaceutical products across the country.

By combining a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape with market-leading distribution and complex logistics capabilities, Al Hayat has built a strong reputation for integrity and excellence.

At the heart of a fast-growing market, the company has now expanded to over 140 permanent staff, with facilities in Baghdad, Erbil and Basra.


    The vision for Al Hayat grew from a visit to the Iraqi Red Crescent in the early 1990s. There, company founder, Ali Mosawi, became aware of Iraq’s urgent need for medical supplies in the aftermath of the First Gulf War. This critical situation deteriorated further when Saddam Hussein’s refusal to implement the UN Oil for Food Resolution led to a chronic shortage of life saving medicines and vaccines.

    To combat the crisis, Ali had the idea of financing the supply of medicine using Iraqi assets frozen in London. After consultation with the Iraq Ministry of Health and SmithKline Beecham, he began negotiations with the Bank of England and Department of Trade & Industry.

    Ali was able to secure substantial vaccine donations by releasing part of the £1bn worth of frozen assets and redeeming substantial debts owed to SmithKline Beecham by the Hussein government.

    When Iraq eventually accepted the UN Oil for Food resolution, Ali founded Al Hayat in 1994 in Baghdad and partnered with a team of Iraqi doctors and pharmacists to promote the medicines of Zeneca and SmithKline Beecham.

    After Zeneca merged with Astra Pharmaceuticals to form AstraZeneca in 2000, Al Hayatt was appointed its exclusive agent in Iraq. With the opening up of Iraq’s private sector in 2003, this relationship expanded and Al Hayat became AstraZeneca’s designated pharmaceutical distributor.

    While Al Hayat has grown substantially since then, our mission remains the same: to ensure that the people of Iraq have access to high quality medicine, even in periods of significant disruption.

    Purpose & Values


    Our purpose is to ensure access to premium-quality, life-saving medical products for the people of Iraq.

    For over 25 years, we have strived to do this in line with the highest international standards, placing safety and reliability at the heart of all our operations. 

    We are proud to participate in Iraq’s fast-growing health sector and dedicated to honouring the trust placed in us by our customers and international partners.


    For our Principals – to foster a long-term relationship and drive significant growth.

    For our team – to create a nurturing, close-knit and supportive culture, which prioritises retention and equality of opportunity.

    For our customers – to provide an ethical, honest and reliable service.



    We adhere to the highest standards of corporate responsibility and international governance to ensure a safe, ethical, and transparent offering.


    We are proud to be one of the oldest agents in Iraq, which is only possible because of the longstanding trust shared between us, our commercial partners, and the people of Iraq. We refuse to compromise on our principles and we respect the faith placed in us.

    Public Responsibility

    We have a commitment to Iraq and its people to protect health and invest in local communities. We are united in a shared duty to act sustainably and with compassion.


    We believe in fairness, mutual respect and equality of opportunity.


    We are deeply proud of our work and aspire to be an example for all Iraqi companies working in the sector. We are committed to providing lifesaving, effective medicines every time.

    Regulatory, Governance & Compliance

    We have a commitment to ensure our customers have reliable access to safe, efficient medicine. We honour this commitment by operating according the highest international standards of regulatory compliance.

    Over 25 years, Al Hayat has built a reputation for good governance and ethical practice by never compromising on its values.  We are grateful to AstraZeneca for its continual provision of training and guidance.

    • Al Hayat is licensed to operate as a Scientific Office by the Pharmacists Union of Iraq and our operations are certified and approved by the Iraq Ministry of Health.

    • Our Compliance & Regulatory Department consistently monitor our services and uphold stringent internal procedures.

    • In 2018, the Regulatory Department of the Iraq Ministry of Health ranked AstraZeneca – represented by Al Hayat – as having the best compliance standards of all research-based companies in the country. AztraZeneca was the only company to receive a perfect rating.

    • All of our products are FDA or EMA-approved.

    Charitable Work

    We believe we have a responsibility to lend our expertise to charitable organisations and a duty to support the most vulnerable in society.

    The Mosawi Foundation

    The Mosawi Foundation partners with organisations and charities to support community rebuilding and regeneration projects worldwide.

    Since its formation in 2014 by Ali and May Mosawi, the Foundation has worked extensively across Iraq. Through partnerships with the Iraqi Red Crescent and local health organisations, the charity has supplied regular aid and medical supplies to refugee camps and displaced communities.

    • Many Al Hayat employees volunteer regularly for the charity to provide health expertise, support clinics and deliver medical supplies.

    • In partnership with Al Hayat, The Mosawi Foundation is developing an Employment & Development Programme designed to help Iraq heal after the occupation of Daesh. The extensive disruption to social infrastructure and access of women and girls to employment and education, as well as significant limitations on resources for schools, is still felt across the country. Scheduled for early 2020, the joint programme will subsidise the employment of up to 20 people each year to provide training and a platform on which to launch a career.

    The Mosawi Foundation is registered with the UK Charity Commission [Charity No. 1157269]