Honoured to represent a growing roster of international pharmaceutical companies, Al Hayat fulfills their business ambitions through the following services:

Logistics & Distribution

Al Hayat’s core offering is to source high-quality medical products from our international partners and ensure they reach the Iraqi people through registered wholesalers, pharmacies and state hospitals

Al Hayat has an established track-record for delivering its product portfolio in an efficient, reliable and safe way. Our team of distribution specialists provide our clients with full, GSDP-compliant supply chain management services.

An extensive network of storage facilities, delivery fleets and trusted local partners allows us to distribute across all of Iraq and Kurdistan.


Pharmaceutical Tenders

The government of Iraq successfully runs the administration of in-patient hospitals and out-patient clinical services through the Ministry of Health.

A significant market for our Principles, navigating the tender process requires national insights, a strong, experienced team to coordinate the prescribed administrative processes and, when successful, the reimbursement programming against importation schedules and regulatory approval. 

We manage all elements of this contractual process for our Principals from receiving the award through to completion – sometimes planning years in advance. We work closely with the Ministry of Health and our Principals to constantly monitor hospitals and government clinics, ensuring the consistent availability of our client’s pharmaceutical products for patients in Iraq.

Al Hayat operates from 3 core locations and has more than 20 years of experience in Iraqi market 

Market Access

Al Hayat has a long history of helping its Principals to open up the Iraqi market for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The dedicated Market Access department works closely with a Principal’s regulatory team to enable new FDA and EMA-approved molecules and formulations to be assessed, approved and registered against national regulatory standards. Once these benchmarks are met, Al Hayat works with the government and Principles to licence distribution and where relevant, reimbursements.

Our team of experienced regulatory professionals, qualified doctors and government-approved pharmacists also support our Principals’ regulatory representatives in showcasing approved and regulated clinical interventions and pharmaceuticals at the Ministry of Health. A complex process, our team builds a knowledge bank and data resources for assessment by the government on cost-effective novel or generic prescription pharmaceutical products.

Once the Iraqi Committee for the Selection of Drugs has approved the molecules, treatments or devices for use, Al Hayat assists its Principals with the registration of these products and their inclusion on the Ministry of Health’s approved medicines list, introducing them to the significant market of pharmacists across the country.

Storage & Quality Assurance

Al Hayat stores its medical products in three state-of-the art warehouses in Baghdad, Basra and Erbil. Every storage facility enforces strict quality control procedures to comply with the GSDP (Good Storage & Distribution Practice) as defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Each batch of medicine is tested by the local authorities, applied with dual holograms and stored securely to guarantee quality. All vaccines are stored under direct WHO supervision.

We consistently maintain internationally-recognised standards through over 45 clearly defined SoPs. Each facility has the following capabilities:

  • Precise control over temperature and humidity to enable effective cold-chain management.

  • Qualified refrigeration rooms (+2 to +8°C) and controlled ambient areas (+15 to +25°C).

  • Special storage zones and controlled drug vaults.

  • High security standards, video surveillance and personnel access management.

  • Sorting, assembling, kit building and labelling technology.

  • Desginated recall procedure.
Customer Relations

Through our dedicated Customer Service and Sales departments, Al Hayat is committed to providing a positive customer experience.

It is important to us to ensure that Hospitals, Wholesalers and Pharmacies always have access to our assistance and expertise as well as our products.

Al Hayat’s provision of consistently high quality service is why our customers consider us Iraq’s leading pharmaceutical distributor.

We welcome feedback on how to further guarantee customer satisfaction and we are grateful for the professionalism and knowledge of our team.